Super Bowl XLV: The Drinking Game

Sundays in a mixed-team household can be stressful.  It is more than whose team loses or which game is broadcasted in standard def. (or overridden by the Bills game) that determines who walks away in a bad mood.  The true measure of failure is whose game gets the Dream Team of annoying announcers: Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

During the playoffs, we started making a list of ways to make listening to TroyJo (BuckMan?) a little more tolerable. Since broadcast delays have made it impossible to mute the television and turn on the radio, you have to find some alternatives.  So when the teams were determined, Eric and I completed the Super Bowl XLV Drinking Game.

Grab your finest Pabst Blue Ribbon, ‘cause we don’t recommend playing this one with liquor.

Drink One Every Time:

  • Troy Aikman uses the phrase “Here’s a guy who…”
  • Ben Roethlisberger’s off-field behavior or improvement as a teammate is mentioned
    Bonus Drink: If the word “redemption” is used
  • Troy puts the emphasis on Green in “Green Bay”
  • A Cheesehead or Terrible Towel is mentioned
  • You think “Why is Omar Epps wearing that headset?”

Drink Two Every Time:

  • Troy talks about his own career, including players he played with/against
    Bonus Drink:  If that player is Michael Irvin
  • Joe and Troy have a “bro-love” moment
  • Michael Vick or Brett Favre are mentioned
    Bonus Drink:  If it is in connection to “redemption” or overcoming off-field controversy
  • Troy Polamalu or Clay Matthews’ hair is mentioned
  • They show the 1997 clip of a young Brett Favre hoisting his helmet in the air

Please drink responsibly.  GO PACK GO!



  1. It is impossible to drink responsibily in Wisconsin. I know this, because:
    1) I was born and raised in WI
    2) I was whole milk fed and ate real butter as a child
    3) I knew what the phrase “knee high by 4th of July” meant
    4) Never missed a Packer Game

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