Oh! Written in the Stars!

As I write this, the Milwaukee Brewers are only a few minutes away from Game 1 of the NLCS (as I post this, it’s a few hours until Game 6). And I’m kind of freaking out.
This season has been a little emotional for me. I started the season 800 miles away from Milwaukee. I listened to Ueck call as many of the games as possible, but it was almost May before I finally got a visual on Ryan Braun a Brewers game. I practically missed more of the season than Zack Greinke.

Life happened, as it inevitably does, and I ended up back in Wisconsin for the rest of the summer. As a result, I threw myself into baseball. I went to more games this season than I have in my 24 years collectively. I was there for Casey’s 3-homer game, Prince’s 471 ft. bomb, Rickie’s injury, Brauny’s slip-up around third, Rickie’s return to the lineup, and Robin Yount going into Beast Mode. I met Greinke (he was not nearly as excited as I was). But more importantly, I was there when the Brewers earned their spot in a League Championship Series for the first time in almost three decades. And honestly, when that confetti fell, I may or may not have teared up a little. Well, admittedly I also got a little emoshe when Craig Counsell got a standing ovation on his bobble head day… so it may not take that much.

Regardless of what happens in this series, whether it takes four games or seven, it has been an incredible year. This is my team. Braun and Fielder are my Yount and Molitor. And this is my home.

So thank you, Milwaukee. Thank you for making the last few months a little easier. Most of all, thank you to everyone who drove me to Miller Park this season. And if the season ends today, I will look forward to seeing you all on opening day.

That goes for you too, Prince.

The Highlight Reel:

TBS captured my very serious 10th inning face.
Playoff Face


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