Weekend at Bernie’s – The Podcast

Earlier this summer, my brother-in-law and I took our frequent conversations about Brewers baseball and made them into an hour-long weekly radio show. After the All Star break, however, we decided to record our show and make it available every week via podcast.
So, here it is… the first podcasted edition of Weekend at Bernie’s. The first few minutes of the show will introduce what we’re all about, but below is a rough breakdown of what you can find in this episode.
Please leave us some feedback! Follow us on Twitter @BernieRadio to weigh in on current Brewers or MLB news, or e-mail us at daveandliz903@gmail.com to let us know what we should be talking about on the show.
Give it a listen and let us know what you think!
Dave and Liz
Hosts of Weekend at Bernie’s

Download the mp3 here

:00 Introduction
3:46 Weekly Recap
7:10 K-Rod v. Ax-Man
10:55 Recap continued
23:26 Do we even have an MVP this week?
29:00 Never Surrender
33:32 Greinke and how to make Matt Cain money
43:10 Who else is on the chopping block?
46:11 The return of Luc
47:45 Liz’s Tailgate Tip – Grill all the things!
51:09 MLB News/Ben Sheets still plays baseball?
54:26 The week ahead
59:00 Operation Smoked Sausage
1:04:46 Strange Bobbleheads

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